The Adventures of William Morris Man

2011 - 2012

“The Adventures of William Morris Man” creates a vivid fictional world by combining comic books imagery with Victorian wallpaper designs and traditional gold-leafing techniques. The superhero protagonist, clad in William Morris wallpaper, battles both the robot Owen Jones, who is armored in geometric designs, and an army of female furniture monstrosities who embody the excesses of Victorian fashion that Morris worked so hard to reject. Dialogue between these characters is drawn from Morris’s articles, lectures, and novels. Ultimately however, these graphic storylines disrupt the expectations of comic book conventions by juxtaposing domestic ornamentation with the ultramasculine superhero, and by defying narrative resolution and offering only unending conflict.

Exhibition Venues:

Danson House, as a part of “The Yellow Wallpaper”, April 1 – October 31, 2012, Bexleyheath, England

The Guildhall Gallery, as a part of “Victoriana”, September 7 – December 8, 2013, London, England