In this video, three versions of myself stand against a white wall. Each figure is continually in a process of undressing and fumbling into another set of clothing. This continual changing of skins is not a real form of metamorphosis; instead, each figure in each new outfit becomes a hybrid of the figure standing next to it. With each wardrobe change, different outer layers are applied to a core that remains the same.

Ultimately the desire to “try on” different identities does not equate itself in my work with a need to become someone or something else. In fact, I find it is just the opposite; by recreating or enacting these roles, I find an awareness of my own boundaries, an understanding of exactly what makes me separate from everything else. In her recent book Metamorphosis and Identity, Caroline Walker Bynum expresses that the need to enact change, if only temporarily, “reflects less a desire to shed body than an effort to understand how it perdures, less an escape into alterity than a search for the rules that govern change.”

Exhibition Venues:

New Mexico Museum of Art (formerly Museum of Fine Arts), 2005, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, July – October 2006, Boulder, Colorado